PFSA is a non profit (501(3)c) youth sports organization dedicated to the coaching and training of freestyle, freeriding and snowboarding athletes. We take great pride in developing strong well rounded skiers and boarders in the safest possible training e

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Zipline Poles & Accessories

Zipline Poles has a great deal for PA Freestyle members looking for lightweight freesytle poles.  Check out for more details.  Use the special Promo Code PAFREE on the team order to page to save up to 40% off your order...


Ascente Mogul Skis For Young Competitors 
$399 Own or $25 Lease



For the last 7 years I have competed on the World Cup winning a World Championship, World Cup and US Nationals all on skis our family designed and were hand made by Blossom Skis of Italy which is owned and operated by the Moro Family. Mario Moro, who operates the Blossom Plant for his family, is a dedicated skier, coach, and runs the ski racing program at St. Moritz ( ). 

Along with Mario, Johann Furr and his family have joined us in our effort to produce the best Mogul ski available.


Over the years Mario and I have become good friends and now together we have designed and are producing the new Ascente Mogul Ski. I have wanted to make a few changes to the ski I have been competing on for the last few years and this year I have been able to make the changes including new molds and and better glass.


The Ascente Skis that we are now producing for Younger Competitors are hand made in the exact same fashion as my World Cup Competition Skis. We are using the same core, same glass, same base material, same edges with new molds and new designs. If you train and compete regionally and nationally these Ascent Skis for Younger Competitors are going to rip for you.


We are making two designs. The first based on the ski that I use on the World Cup just proportionally smaller and the second based on the classic design that has more shape and has won World Cup and Olympic medals around the world.Pick your shape, Pick your size, and Rip It Up with Ascente Skis.


Call Johann at 206-818-3666 or email him at



Willi's Competitor Night

Save the Date... October 2nd, 2015

Need new gear for the season?  Willi's Compeitor Night is October 2nd at 7 Springs.

Competitior Night is the one time of the year that Athletes and Coaches can take advantage of discounts on select hard goods through Willi's.  Discounts vary by manufacture and are only available to Athletes.  If you're looking for the best deal on this season gear, this is your chance...